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Erityisalueet ja tutkimus


> markkinastrategia

> innovaatiot, tuote- ja palvelukehitys ja uudet liiketoimintamallit

> hinnoittelustrategiat

> markkinaevoluutio, markkina- ja kilpailudynamiikka

> tuotemarkkinoiden ja osakemarkkinoiden rajapinta (marketing-finance interface)

> kaupalliset investoinnit, kasvuinvestoinnit, markkinointi-investoinnit

> design management, brand management

> kuluttajakäyttäytyminen ja markkinatutkimus



Artikkelit tieteellisissä journaaleissa (Articles in scientific journals)


 “Consumer involvement in supply networks: A cubic typology of C2B2C and C2B2B business models” (in press) – with David Grant and Maria Holmlund. Industrial Marketing Management, forthcoming.

What gets measured gets done: Can self-tracking technologies enhance advice compliance?” (in press) – with Kristina Wittkowski, Jan Klein, Tomas Falk, Jeroen Schepers, & Kai Bergner. Journal of Service Research, forthcoming, doi.org/10.1177/1094670520904424.

Customer journey analyses in digital media: Exploring the impact of cross-media exposure on customers’ purchase decisions” (2020) – with Jan Klein, Yuchi Zhang, Tomas Falk, & Xueming Luo. Journal of Service Management, 31 (3), 489-508

Can advertising investments counter the negative impact of shareholder complaints on firm value” (2019) – with Simone Wies, Arvid Hoffman, and Joost Pennings. Journal of Marketing, 83(4), 58-80.

Sharing-dominant logic: Quantifying the association between consumer intelligence and choice of access modes” (2019) (lead article) – with K. Wittkowski. Journal of Consumer Research, 46 (2), 201-222.

Consumer price effects: Loss aversion in value vs. in demand” (2020) – with Markku Kallio & Merja Halme, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 71 (8), 1306-1314

 Relational price discounts: Consumers’ metacognitions and nonlinear effects of initial discounts on customer retention” (2018) – with Maria del Rio Olivares, K. Wittkowski, Tomas Falk, & Pekka Mattila, Journal of Marketing, 82 (1), 115-131.

The dilemma of service productivity and service innovation: An empirical exploration in financial services” – with Jan Klein, Xueming Luo, & Henrikki Tikkanen. Journal of Service Research, 21 (2), 249-262.

 Types of intelligence predict likelihood to get married and stay married: Large-scale empirical evidence for evolutionary theory” (2018) (lead article) – with Kristina Wittkowski & Xueming Luo. Personality and Individual Differences, 122, 1-6.

Effect of intelligence on consumers' responsiveness to a pro-environmental tax: Evidence from large-scale data on car acquisitions of male consumers” (2017) – with Xueming Luo & Ravi Dhar. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 27 (4), 448-455.

What counts vs. what can be counted: The complex interplay of market orientation and marketing performance measurement in organizational configurations” (2016) – with Johanna Frösen, Jukka Luoma, Matti Jaakkola, & Henrikki Tikkanen”. Journal of Marketing, 80 (3), 60-78.

Is more capability always beneficial for firm performance? Market orientation, core business process capabilities, and business environment” (2016) – with Matti Jaakkola, Johanna Frösen, Henrikki Tikkanen, Antti Vassinen, & Petri Parvinen. Journal of Marketing Management, 32 (13-14), 1359-1385.

 Cause marketing effectiveness and the moderating role of price discounts” (2014) – with Michelle Andrews, Xueming Luo, and Zheng Fang. Journal of Marketing, 78 (6), 120-142.

Group-buying deal popularity” (2014) – with Xueming Luo, Michelle Andrews, & Yiping Song. Journal of Marketing, 78 (2), 20-33.

Why do public policy makers ignore marketing and consumer research? A case study of policy making for alcohol advertising” (2016) – with Henrikki Tikkanen. Consumption Markets & Culture, 20 (1), 12-34.

Cut your losses and let your profits run: How shifting feelings of personal responsibility reverses the disposition effect” (2015) – with Arvid Hoffman. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 8 (December), 8-24.

 Sleeping with competitors: The impact of NPD phases on stock market reactions to horizontal collaboration” (2015) – with Qingsheng Wu, Xueming Luo, and Rebecca J. Slotegraaf. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 43 (4), 490-511.

 Investors’ reactions to company advertisements: The persuasive effect of product-featuring ads” (2015) – with Amitav Chakravarti. European Journal of Marketing, 49 (5/6), 943-967.

 Focal versus background goals in consumer financial decision-making: Trading off financial returns for self-expression?” (2015) – with Amitav Chakravarti and Arvid Hoffman. European Journal of Marketing, 49 (7/8),1114-1138.

 Saalistushinnoittelun ennakkoarviointi yrityksen markkinaolosuhteiden ja liiketaloudellisten realiteettien näkökulmasta” [Ex-Ante Assessment of Predatory Pricing from the Perspective of the Firm's Market Conditions and Business Realities] (2014) – with Kari Hoppu. Nordic Journal of Business, 62 (2), 97-131.

 Do institutional investors pay attention to customer satisfaction, and why?” (2014) – with Xueming Luo, Ran Zhang, Weining Zhang. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 42 (2), 119-136.

Selling losers and keeping winners: How (savings) goal dynamics predict a reversal of the disposition effect” (2015) – with Arvid Hoffmann. Marketing Letters, 26 (2), 201-211

Explaining corporate short-termism: self-reinforcing processes and biases among investors, the media and corporate managers” (2014) – with Kalle Pajunen, Henrikki Tikkanen, and Risto Tainio. Socio-Economic Review, 12 (4), 667-693.

Naturally designed for masculinity vs. femininity? The digit ratio predicts male consumers' choices of gender-imaged products” (2014) – with Bram Van Den Bergh. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31 (1), 117-121.

Struggles in organizational attempts to adopt new branding logics: The case of a marketizing university” (2014) – with Hanna-Mari Aula, Janne Tienari, and Henrikki Tikkanen. Consumption Markets & Culture, 17 (6), 522-552.

Corporate business model transformation and inter-organizational cognition: The case of Nokia” (2013) – with Juha-Antti Lamberg, Arjo Laukia, & Henrikki Tikkanen. Long Range Planning, 46 (6), 459-474. 

Creating novel consumer value vs. capturing value: Strategic emphases and financial performance implications” (2013) – with Henrikki Tikkanen. Journal of Business Research, 66 (5), 593-602.

Sales activity systematization and performance: Differences between product and service firms” (2013) – with Petri Parvinen, Joel Hietanen, & Sami Kajalo. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 28 (6), 494-505.

The role of product and brand perceptions in stock investing: Effects on investment considerations, optimism, and confidence” (2013). Journal of Behavioral Finance, 14 (3), 195-212.

The influence of product design evaluations on investors’ willingness to invest” (2011/2). Design Management Journal, 6 (1), 79-93.

Exploration and exploitation across three resource classes: market/customer intelligence, brands/bonds, and technologies/processes” (2011) – with Henrikki Tikkanen, Erik Pöntiskoski, & Paavo Järvensivu.  European Journal of Marketing, 45 (4), 596-630.

 Corporate marketing in the stock market: The impact of company identification on individuals’ investment behaviour” (2011) – with Henrikki Tikkanen. European Journal of Marketing, 45 (9/10), 1446-1469.

Individuals' affect-based motivations to invest in stocks: Beyond expected financial returns and risks” (2011) – with Henrikki Tikkanen. Journal of Behavioral Finance, 12 (2), 78-89. 

 Awareness, action, and context-specificity of Blue Ocean practices in sales management” (2011) – with Petri Parvinen, Joel Hietanen, & Sami Kajalo. Management Decision, 49 (8), 1218-1234.

Strategic Management of Business Model Transformation: Lessons from Nokia” (2011) – with Juha-Antti Lamberg, Arjo Laukia, & Henrikki Tikkanen. Management Decision, 49 (4), 622-647.

 Documentation and continuous development of processes for customer management: Implications for profitable growth” (2011). Australasian Marketing Journal, 19 (4), 267-280.

How do institutional actors in the financial market assess companies’ product design? The quasi-rational evaluative schemes” (2010). Knowledge, Technology & Policy, 22 (4), 241-258.

Consumers' stock preferences beyond expected financial returns: The influence of product and brand evaluations” (2010) – with Henrikki Tikkanen. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 28 (3), 193-221.

Business model innovation vs. replication: Financial performance implications of strategic emphases” – with Joel Hietanen & Henrikki Tikkanen. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 18(1), 39-56.

The role of company affect in stock investments: Towards blind, undemanding, non-comparative, and committed love” (2010) – Henrikki Tikkanen. Journal of Behavioral Finance, 11(2), 103-113.

Aesthetics of stock investments (2009). Consumption Markets and Culture, 12 (2), 99-131.

The interrelationship of stock ownership and customer relationship volume: Case of a Nordic retail bank” (2009) – with Henrich Nyman & Henrikki Tikkanen. Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 14 (3), 203-217.

Stock ownership as a motivation of brand-loyal and brand-supportive behaviors" (2009). Journal of Consumer Marketing, 26 (6), 427-436.

Interactions of individuals’ company-related attitudes and their buying of the companies’ stocks and products” (2008) – with Henrikki Tikkanen. Journal of Behavioral Finance, 9 (2), 85-94.

 Influence of share ownership on repeat patronage” (2008) – with Henrich Nyman & Henrikki Tikkanen. Journal of Customer Behaviour, 7 (2), 149-163.

A theory of affective self-affinity: Definitions and application to a company and its business” (2008) – with Rami Olkkonen, Henrikki Tikkanen, Johanna Moisander, & Petri Parvinen. Academy of Marketing Science Review, 12 (3). Available at http://www.amsreview.org/articles/aspara03-2008.pdf.

 Significance of corporate brand for business-to-business companies” (2008) – with Henrikki Tikkanen. The Marketing Review, 8 (1), 43-60.

 Adoption of corporate branding by managers: Case of a Nordic business-to-business company" (2008) – with Henrikki Tikkanen. Journal of Brand Management, 16 (1-2), 80-91.

Corporate Strategic Marketing (CSM): A new task for top management” (2007) – with Petri Parvinen & Henrikki Tikkanen. In Business Strategy Series (formerly Handbook of Business Strategy). Emerald, Bradford, UK. 131-141.


Artikkelit editoiduissa kokoelmissa (Chapters in edited volumes)


Evolution of service markets - The case of mutual funds in Finland” (2012) – with Jukka Luoma. In The Future of Banking Services, Aspara, Jaakko, Rajala, Risto, & Tuunainen, Virpi (Eds.). Aalto University publication series BUSINESS+ECONOMY.  


”The impact of company identification on individual's investment behavior” (2008) – with Henrikki Tikkanen. In Fishing Business Nets – Keeping Thoughts on the Horizon, Anttila, Mai & Rajala, Arto (eds.),. Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland, pp. 198-221.

 Creating and capturing design value” (2008). In Keinonen, Turkka, ed., Design Connections – Knowledge, Value and Involvement through Design. Working paper F34, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland, pp. 28-37. (Available at http://www.taik.fi/images/stories/Tutkimusinstituutti/WorkingPapers/34.pdf)


Kirjat (Books)


Aspara, Jaakko, Kietäväinen, Timo, Mattila, Pekka, Tikkanen, Henrikki, & Isä Ambrosius (2012). Johtajuuden seitsemän syntiä. Helsinki, Finland: AaltoEE Publishing.

Aspara, Jaakko, Rajala, Risto, & Tuunainen, Virpi (2012), The Future of Banking Services. Aalto University publication series BUSINESS+ECONOMY.

Tikkanen, Henrikki, & Aspara, Jaakko (2009), Projektimarkkinointi [Project Marketing]. Helsinki, Finland: Talentum.

Tikkanen, Henrikki, Aspara, Jaakko, & Parvinen, Petri (2007), Strategisen markkinoinnin perusteet [Principles of Strategic Marketing]. Helsinki, Finland: Talentum.



Väitöskirjat/opinnäytteet (Monographs)


Aspara, Jaakko (2007), “Emergence and Translations of Management Interests in Corporate Branding in Finnish Pulp and Paper Corporations". Doctoral dissertation, Helsinki School of Economics HSE, Helsinki, Finland. Ks. myös lectio praecursoria.

Aspara, Jaakko (2009), "Where Product Design Meets Investor Behavior: How do individual investors' evaluations of companies' product design influence their investment decisions". Doctoral dissertation, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland. Available also in pdf format.

Aspara, Jaakko (2004), “Magazine Editors’ Roles in the Diffusion of New Ideas”. Master's Thesis, Helsinki University of Technology TKK/HUT, Espoo, Finland.



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